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Speed up all generic coding tasks to have more time to deliver actual business value.

Business Analysts

Build prototypes, MVPs or even full solutions instead just of mockups.
On your own.

Power Users

Create tables, forms, data expressions, workflows (almost) you would write functional spec.

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{ overview }

Code Reduced is a low-code engine that reads application description files and dynamically generates the corresponding application upon startup.

Our engine does not depend on any particular cloud platform or database and can be deployed on Windows, Linux, Mac OS or any cloud.

Building with Code Reduced is like describing the application.

{ benefits }

It reduces or even eliminates the need for extensive manual coding, enabling faster and more efficient application delivery.

It is  open to extension  meaning that it allows to add or modify the behaviour of the application without changes to the engine itself.

Enhance the engine's capabilities by extending it with  Java  code,  JavaScript  code, or through integration with  external API   endpoints, thereby speeding up all generic coding tasks and freeing up more time to deliver actual business value.

{ flavours }
Deliver advanced tables, charts and forms with built-in server-side validation, and connect it with your backend / api or directly with your database.
> Backend / API
Create database and backend services using CRUD templates. Integrate it with your frontend, 3rd party api or seamlessly with jar files / javascript files.
> Full Solutions
Get a full solution: ui, backend and database 10 times faster than coding from scratch.
You can choose weather Code Reduced should create db or utilize what you already have.

Quick Start <

Create app description in files.
Wording is similar to functional specification, so it is easy to understand.

Start Code Reduced, it will read the descriptions, and creates fully functional application. Frontend, database model, api, data access services, validation, schedulers...

Extend the application with custom business.
Java, JavaScript, integrate with any http API or external database.

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